* * *
Technically flawless and interesting. I think I would like to see more of the left hand. Not just a finger.
Also I think some more of the right hand would help. These hands tell a story - I'd like to hear more. Another thing.
This photo has the potential of displaying a mysterious ambience, that could probably be achived
with some lighting or post processing.
perhaps a darker image with warmer colors? Thanks, Gilad
* * *
General composition is good. I like the spot on the right hand, and it does help lead the eye.
You don't really want the eyes to jump around a photo from point to point, unless you intentionally want spatial tension.
With that said, the dangling thumb of the left hand looks like it is cut off. Maybe you can darken it a bit with PS.
Why not try burning in that whole upper right corner to diminish the thumb and see if it balances?
The middle and ring fingers of the reading hand are a bit too bright for my tastes - they glare a bit.
This may detract from the mood of the photo. Why not try to burn or darken them a bit as well.
I can almost see the reading glasses on the reader, reading in such dim light! OH - could you
reshoot one day with a candlelight color temp?
Maybe even use a photoshop warming filter to check out what this mood would do?
Next time, please put your camera, lens and settings for your photos.
I do like this work, and I'd love to know something about it. Thanks for posting.